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Celebrating 48 Years Of Bridging Industry and Education

NFIEC functions as a common meeting ground for business, industry, education, labor, and government to collaborate. Today, as a result of ongoing efforts, NFIEC supports a more cooperative relationship with partners offering workshops, scholarship programs, and other community services.

Through the years, NFIEC has developed and presented a variety of programs, courses, and community services all aimed at helping the student of today become the educated, well-adjusted, and contributing employees of tomorrow. The benefits of collective input and support in many career initiatives allow NFIEC to support our members and partners across Western New York.
Our purpose is to work as an umbrella organization to communicate, support, and collaborate discussions between business and education.

Our Mission

NFIEC’s mission is to connect industry and education to create opportunities for students and adults to participate in the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Providing Much-Needed Community Resources

In 1976, the Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce joined with Erie 1 BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services) to establish the Niagara Frontier Industry Education Council, Inc. (NFIEC). Today, we provide outreach services and scholarship programs, as well as other community resources, through the help of our partners and members, to help students and adults become employable.

NFIEC Board of Directors 2024-2025

Our Board of Directors support overarching policies and program directions in all areas of our service platform. NFIEC also has a variety of committee groups in Executive, Program, Membership, and Fiscal Responsibility areas.  All members are invited to any NFIEC Board or Committee Meeting.

Board Officers & Executive Committee
Robert Merkle, Ed. D- President (West Seneca Central Schools)
Colleen Christmann, Vice-President (individual member): retired from West Seneca Central Schools
Joseph Steinmetz- Treasurer (individual member): retired from Orleans/Niagara BOCES
Lisa Earle- Secretary (Erie 1 BOCES)

Board of Directors
President-Rebecca Holman, Local 17
Vice-President-Colleen Christmann, Retired from West Seneca Central School District
Secretary-Lisa Earle, Erie 1 BOCES
Treasurer-Michael Putnam, Individual Member
Mary Busse-Erie 1 BOCES
Anthony Cimorelli-DuPont
Robert Christmann-Individual Member
Alycia Ivancie-Junior Achievement
Theresa Kaczmierczak-Retired from M&T Bank
Corrin Murphy-retired from West Seneca Schools
Nancy Pray-Ken-Ton Schools
Dr. Ramona Santa Maria- Buffalo State
Paul Stasiak-NFADA
Susan Toomey-Individual Member
Anedda Trautman-Erie 1 BOCES